Take your time! Celebrate International Sloth Day this year!

Sloths may be slow but they’re super cute!

With a top speed of 2.5 meters per minute, the sloth does not break any speed records in the animal kingdom. You can’t blame the animal. Its slow metabolism simply does not give it more energy. The sloth may be slow, but it possesses a high petting factor. Baby sloths are completely irresistible. But did you know? The sloth has its own international day on the 20th of October.

Why did AIUNAU start the International Sloth Day?

Everyone deserves to relax every now and then. International Sloth Day is about two things. It’s about learning to take your time and be relaxed. But also, to raise awareness about the many sloths that get injured, sold as pets, or even killed by humans. So, help keep those sleepy smiles on sloths’ faces and take part in this year’s International Sloth Day! AIUNAU started international Sloth day in 2010. AIUNAU is a non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting all forms of wildlife. The organization have been working with sloths since 1996. They became aware how many sloths are being killed by cars or power lines every year and being captured to become pets. The AIUNAU rescue sloths and nurse them back to health to release them back into the wild.

How to celebrate International Sloth Day

There are several ways you could celebrate International Sloth Day. You can help the sloths of South America by donating a little bit of money to AIUNAU. Or you can support the sloths in spirit by relaxing and slowing down a bit to enjoy the little things in life. Ideally, you could do both. We live in a very fast-paced world. There is always something we have to do or have to be. We receive tens, if not hundreds of calls, emails, notifications and texts daily. We’re always in a hurry: we rush to work, we rush to pick up the kids, and we rush to be home. On International Sloth Day, take the time to slow down. Think about the sloths and use products or services with that represent their personality. Did you know Slothino Online Casino has a sloth as a mascot? Slothino Casino values a relaxing style of play. That’s why they use the sloth as a representation of their brand.

It’s time to escape the rat race this year on the 20th of October and celebrate International Sloth Day. Support the AIUNAU by donating some money to help the Sloths living a happy and relaxing life. Take your time. Sleep until noon, relax in a comfy chair while reading a book or play a game of slots at Slothino’s. Whatever you do, don’t miss international Sloth Day this year!