Best Apps Architects need to know about

In this day and age, professionals are turning to apps to make their jobs easier. Architects are no exception. They need the tools to allow them to work smarter and technology has come through for them. The following are some of the best apps architects should have.

Morpholio Trace

This app is an intuitive drafting tool created by architects for architects. The app combines the speed of sketching and the precision of Computer-Aided Design (CAD). It is so user-friendly, providing support in determining perspectives, setting scales; creating drawing sets and make custom stencils to suit your needs. You can share your work to anyone online. This app has been judged “Best App” and it did not earn this honor for nothing. It is only available for iOS platforms.

Autocad 360

There is probably no architect in the world who would not use Autocad 360. It is replete with many features such as viewing 2D and 3D files without the need for plug-in and browsers

It allows for Shareable files made possible by creating a link to upload the files in then sent through email or Messenger. Autocad 360 can support more than 100 different file formats, including Excel files and PDF files.

You can review work in real-time. You can set up a session with your team members to give timely feedback to make appropriate corrections.

You do not need a desktop or laptop all the time. You can access your projects using your smartphone or tablet. Autocad 360 is available for iOS and Android.

Sun Seeker

Although this app may not have anything to do with architectural designs, this app developed by ozPDA may come in handy for architects when conducting site analysis. This app can aid architects in knowing the right orientation of buildings relative to the position of the sun. The app provides a 3D view of the sun’s path, hourly intervals, times of sunrise and sunset, and the direction of summer and winter solstice. Armed with these data, it enables architects to know the amount of sunlight the building will receive.


Developed by Graphisoft, this app is a set of desktop and mobile software that allows the presentation of 3D and 2D building project navigation. BIMx helps bridge the gap between the design studio and the construction site. The app has a suite of various software – the publisher software, desktop viewer and mobile viewer. Documents can be uploaded in cloud and are shareable, thus eliminating the need to print and carry documents around. They can be synched and updated in realtime and features cutaway function that allows users to view cross sections.


Not all apps for architects are used for architecture, per se. There are apps that serve to compliment architects such as Harvest. Although it does not offer any technical aid to architects such as designs, it is however useful in terms of time management which is one of the challenges architects contend with regularly. In addition, this app also helps in billing and budgeting and can be synched with other apps.

Construction MasterPro

This app is a big help to architects who have difficulty making computations. This can help by making calculations on things like area and volume. It can help determine how many steps should be laid out on stairs and how much drywall is need to be applied. It has a built-in right angle functions that simplify square-ups, rafters, and slopes. With this on your mobile phone, there is no need for a scientific calculator since this also comes with full trigonometric function keys. In addition, it also has solutions that help complete bids and estimates of materials.


As the name suggests, it works like magic. This allows the user to create floor plans by using the camera of their smartphone or even scan an entire room to do so. It can create 2D and 3D models that can be viewed based on these inputs. You can instantly get statistical data like distances, surroundings and surface; estimate costs of materials and even produce a price list. It can also provide a Synched Elevation view of the model. To present something to prospective clients and coworkers, it can create a virtual tour of the models and provide a 360 panoramic view. Like other related software, files can be uploaded on cloud and shared.

Whatever the app is used, these are proven to be a boon for architects who consider them to be a godsend. All above-mentioned apps are available for iOS and Android platforms.