Best Apps Architects need to know about

In this day and age, people have to optimize technology for advancement and success. Architects are no exception. In order to work smart, architects should use apps to make life easier. Here are the best apps for architects.

  1. Morpholio Trace

You don’t need any paper to draw sketches anymore, thanks to Morpholio Trace. You can draw from scratch or draw on top of an image quite easily. The app offers support in defining perspectives, setting scales, customizing stencils, and creating drawing sets. If that is not enough, it is quite easy to share and send your drawings to anyone online, which makes collaboration easy. It is a freemium app available on iOS.

  1. Autocad 360

Any architect worth his salt needs Autocad 360. Available on Android and iOS for free, you can carry your projects and drawings with you wherever you go. There is no need to lug your laptop to work on 2D or 3D drawings. Collaboration, taking down notes, and sharing files are not a problem. Everything is synced so everyone who has access to a file sees changes real-time. It is possible to work on a project even offline. Changes are saved automatically when you go online.

  1. Sun Seeker

Every architect needs to study the right orientation for the building and Sun Seeker makes it as easy as pie. Available on iOS and Android for USD 9.99, architects get a 3D view of the solar path, its hour intervals, rise-set times, and winter and summer solstice paths.


  1. BIMx

A freemium app available on iOS and Android, architects get to have a 2D and 3D view of a project, which makes presenting and sharing projects and designs as easy as 1-2-3. And since everything is online and can be shared in the cloud, there is no need to print and carry documentation sets around since everything is synced and updated in real-time. It is also possible to take measurements and make measurement adjustments. If you have a note or photo reference, you can add and attach it to your file to make collaboration a breeze.

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