Most popular apps among teens

Teens love their smartphones because of the stuff that they can do on them, mainly keeping in touch with their peers. Here are 5 of the most popular apps used by teens.

  1. Snapchat

For the teen that wants to share messages, pictures, drawings, and short videos with friends, Snapchat is definitely a must-have app. Free on Android and iOS, one of Snapchat’s cool features is their self-destructing messages; messages you sent disappear after you view it. But Snapchat also made a way for you to see them again, in case you want to. Teens love it because the app is updated fairly regularly so it never becomes boring.


  1. Wattpad

For budding writers and voracious readers, Wattpad is heaven-sent. Anyone can share stories they have written online and people can read them and share comments about them. It is a virtual community of readers and writers alike. Though available in over 50 languages, most of the content is still in English.


  1. VSCO

VSCO allows teens to take photos, edit them using the app’s filters and tools, and share them with others. They can create a portfolio of their shots, keep them private or share them publicly, it is up to them. Unlike other social media apps, VSCO does not have a like or a comments section for pictures shared. So for teens who are into taking more serious or artistic photos, it allows them to experiment without the burden or pressure of getting a lot of likes.


  1. Spotify

For teens who love music, Spotify is a go-to. Being a music streaming service with 180 million users worldwide, teens can listen to their favorite tunes on Spotify for free. For additional features, they can get the subscription. Teens can create their own playlists, which they can also share online. With over 35 million songs available, across genres, there will always be something for every teen preference.


  1. WhatsApp

Sending messages and calling friends have never been easier with WhatsApp. Teens love WhatsApp because it is a free app on Android and iOS which allows them to send unlimited messages and place unlimited calls to friends as long as they have mobile data or Wi-Fi. They can also create group chats, send images, audio and video recordings.

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