Most popular apps among teens

There are apps made for people of all ages and teens are no exception. You can be sure there are many apps suited for them, most likely games and social media platforms. Here are the five most popular apps for teens.


Snapchat is a global multimedia messaging app. As the name suggests, it allows you to easily chat with anybody. But it does not stop there. The app also allows you to view Live Stories from around the world, explore news through its Discover feature. You can edit and share photos, videos and drawings which stay for a limited period of time (hence the “snap” because it is instant) before it disappears once it is viewed. Given these features, it is no surprise it appeals to teens. As mentioned before, you can edit pictures, adding “cute” features such as bunny ears or rainbows. Snapchat is meant to be for intimate use only. That means it allows you to send messages to particular people and the reason why the pictures and files disappear quickly is for security to ensure no unsavory character can download them and use it against you for blackmail.

For parents of teens, there is a related app called mSpy that lets them monitor their children’s use of Snapchat which they must download on their child’s mobile phone first. This is to ensure they are protected from unsavory characters.


Wattpad is not just an app, it is a community. It provides a venue for people to show off their creative writing skills. Its original goal is to create social communities built around these stories and is open not only to established writers, but also to amateurs to give them an opportunity to grow and develop their writing talents. Wattpadd publishes user-generated stories of various genres and categories. What makes it a hit among teens are its multimedia feature that allows budding writers to add images and videos to their stories. It has a voting feature given by the Wattpad community and they serve as a seal of approval of the writer’s works and a show of appreciation. Its broadcast messaging feature connects users to a wider audience where they can share their works with one another. The app also allows you to read offline when you have reached the limit of your data cap or lost Internet connection. Best of all, writers get paid through Wattpad Futures. This is done by inserting ads between the chapters to increase their chances to making more money.


This is a mobile photography app that allows users to take photos and edit them. Some even say it is better than Instagram. The app contains features similar to those found in apps like Photoshop such as adjusting exposure, contrast, saturation and tone. While this is popular among teens, the caveat here is anyone below 13 is not allowed to use the app for security reasons (for their protection). For those older than 13, they still need to be guided because whatever they post will go public.


This is an audio-streaming app that lets you listen to music. Its vast library allows you access to millions of songs from artists all around the world (just type the keyword). What makes it appealing is you access the content for free after you register by providing your email address or connecting through Facebook (much easier); and the quality of the streaming is excellent. The setup is very simple and straightforward. You can download music but this is not an actual download where you can save it into a file. This download feature allows you to listen to music in offline mode, handy in places where it may be hard to get Internet connection and this system is for security (copyright protection).


A play on the expression, “What’s Up?” The app is a freeware messaging platform owned by Facebook. It allows users to send text messages, voice calls and even video calls. You can also send images and other media. What makes it appealing, especially to teens is first of all, it is free. There are no fees charged. It uses your phone’s Internet connection. As mentioned earlier, it allows you to send and receive multimedia files to and from anyone around the world. You can engage in group chat with anyone such as friends and family. You do not need a password to log in, eliminating the need to remember passwords which can be inconvenient. You can save recent messages when you are offline and see them as soon as you go online again.