Top 5 Best CrossFit Apps for the ultimate workout

Many people are into health and fitness nowadays and apps have caught up with the fitness fever. Here are the best crossfit apps available.

  1. WOD genie

If you want a random fitness regimen, WOD genie is the app for you. It offers various exercises to keep things fun and interesting for you. It also helps to shock your body and not get used to just one set of exercises. It even considers any equipment you have on-hand. Based on your preferences and equipment, it generates a fitness exercise for the day. Plus, you get to save your favorite workouts and set a timer to your workouts. This is free on iOS and Android.


  1. Beyond the Whiteboard

This is the official CrossFit app available on iOS and Android. What is great about it is that it keeps track of your CrossFit activities and results and you can check out how your friends are doing as well. You can input your weight, meals, and body fat and it shows the results in graphs to motivate you into achieving your fitness goals.


  1. CrossFit WOD LOG

Another great CrossFit partner is WOD Log. Free on iOS and Android, you can choose from the pre-installed workouts in the app, keep track of your activities and results, and share them with friends, if you wish. Aside from keeping track of your stats (weight) per activity, you can attach pictures and notes to them as well. And, based on your activities, your skill levels are assessed and ranked.

  1. myWOD

Available on iOS and Android for a minimal fee, it is one of the easiest apps to use to achieve your fitness goals and keep track of your progress. With many workout exercises to choose from, you will never get bored exercising. You can choose from any of the pre-installed workouts and customize your routine. The app will also suggest the optimal weights you can use for your workouts. You can access music too. If you are out of town, the app will show gyms near your location.

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