Top 5 Best CrossFit Apps for the ultimate workout

Crossfit is one of the popular fitness programs in the world. Crossfit is a training philosophy that coaches people to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness. The program is characterized by various high-intensity fitness evolutions. There are weight training to develop muscles and exercises that will keep your heart pumping and at the same time burn off fat. While a lot of people go to gyms that offer Crossfit where they are supervised by trainers, there are times when you might want to do it on your own and to aid you, certain apps may be necessary and here are five of the best apps for Crossfit which you can access with your smartphone or tablet without a trainer to supervise you and for you to do on your own.

WOD Genie

This is for those who want a random fitness regimen to follow. It does not provide a set pattern or routine but rather offers various exercises for the purpose of shocking your body so as not to get too comfortable with routine. The app typically creates a fitness program for the day, taking into account whatever facilities or equipment is available to you. For those not familiar with the exercise, it provides visual aids such as videos to show you how to execute the exercise. Needless to say, it spares you from planning a regiment and all you need to do is break a sweat. This app is free and is available on iOS and Android but it is not free.

Beyond the Whiteboard

This is probably the most popular Crossfit app around. There are at least two versions available – one for box owners and another for athletes. You can track and share your workout regimen, estimate the maximum repetitions for various lifts, and even share and compare results with others worldwide. You can even input other data such as your weight, meals, and even body fat as a way of motivating you to reach your target fitness goals. The app is available on iOS and Android but is not free. You may pay either $5 a month or $50 a year. Others may purchase the app on a plan if they are box owners.

Crossfit WOD LOG

This app aids you by generating a calendar or log of your fitness routine. In addition, it analyzes your progress based on your inputs. In lifting weights, it helps determine the weights you should use and integrated timers to help you track individual workouts. While it features over a hundred well-known benchmark workouts, you can customize it, allowing you to create your own workouts. The app is free and is available for iOS and Android users.


This app is geared to the individual. It boasts of a very robust system for tracking and monitoring your fitness program. You can create or customize your workouts. The app aids in tracking down and monitoring your progress on a calendar and generate graphs of the results of your workout so you can see how you are progressing. It provides a wide variety of exercises for you to choose from or customize your own exercise. It can even determine your ideal training weight for each exercise.  The app costs US$3.99 though it offers a free trial version to see if you will like and if you do, most likely buy it. The app is available for iOS and Android users.

Eat Paleo

Although this app has nothing to do with exercise, it is still considered a relevant Crossfit app since the Crossfit community is committed to promoting healthy eating and they chose the Paleo Diet. As the name suggests, the app aids in dieting which in this case is the high-protein, low-carbohydrate meals inspired by the eating habits of prehistoric people. What this app does is provide you with a recipe of over 200 different meals that fit the Paleo diet program which are categorized making it easy to search. While the meals are low on carbohydrates, they promise to be delectable. The app even allows you to create a shopping list for the ingredients. This app is only available on iOS platforms.

In conclusion, there is no limit on the choices of apps for Crossfit. All apps, especially those mentioned above offer similar features, mainly providing you a set of exercise routines to follow, customizing your exercises, recording your exercises on a calendar and monitoring your progress. Since they are mobile apps, you can bring it with you anywhere on your mobile device and you can use it anywhere.