5 Tips to attract more listeners to your podcast

To help potential listeners find your podcast, you first need to use some optimization tactics. So, let’s explore five effective SEO tactics that will help you attract more listeners to your podcast.

Make transcriptions for your podcast

To make the content of your podcast searchable, it’s important to transcribe your podcast episodes so they can be indexed by search engines. The best way to do this is to convert your podcast audio file to text. You can do this with an mp3 to text converter, better known as automatic transcription software. Doing this will make your podcast more accessible to different audiences. Help people with hearing problems access your content. It’s a great way to attract more subscribers and grow your following!

Create a compelling title

The first thing your audience (and search engines) will see about your podcast is the title. This is exactly why you need to make it catchy, make it clear what you are talking about and use the right keywords to make it rank well in search results. Services like Google Play and iTunes both have their own algorithms, and the title of a podcast plays a big role in how they rank it. Of course, factors like the number of subscribers and the number of reviews also have an impact, but let’s agree that the title is very important.

Try out different keywords

Try to have different keywords for different episodes. This can be a bit trickier if you are talking about the same topic in different episodes. But it also gives you the opportunity to test out different, related keywords and see which one gets you the best results. Because competition is already fierce, you don’t want to compete with your own pages either.

Create links to your work

If you have created a website for your podcast, the best SEO tactic you can use is to build links to this website through reputable and relevant blogs that your target audience visits. It is very easy to link back to the transcript of a particular podcast in a guest post: just quote something from the podcast and add the reference link. Make sure you don’t ‘over-optimize’ for certain keywords and don’t use the same or similar keywords as anchors. Search engines prefer varied and natural anchors, so try to create a different one each time.

Share your work on social media

You may think that social media has nothing to do with SEO, and in a way you’re right. However, social media engagement and search engine rankings are linked – and the more people on social media interact with your podcast, the more traffic you can get. This will obviously result in higher rankings, as search engines prefer websites with more traffic.