Are Video Games Inspiring Hollywood More than Ever Before?

When you look at the history of Hollywood, you will soon see that video game adaptations have really failed to make it to that next level. Most video games that have been adapted for the big screen have either been completely beaten up at the box office or they have been outright rejected by critics. This is a real head scratcher because video games are very, very popular. The audience is certainly there and streaming services such as Twitch have become billion-dollar industries. When you look at streaming in general, you will soon see that this has had a huge impact on video games, and it could mean that the Hollywood drought is about to end.


Streaming games is now more popular than ever before. A lot of the boom that came from streaming actually started with online games. If you look at NetBet online slots, you will soon see that you can play a huge variety of games that are impossible to play at a regular casino. This led to even more online games being created, which has interestingly enough, paved the way for streaming. A lot of this came down to the fact that live casino games were often played online, but now things have changed.

Sites such as Twitch now allow any game to be streamed, and this has crossed over onto consoles. This boom may be what Hollywood needs to finally stop creating games that suck and to start crafting adaptations that tap into what fans are actually interested in. In fact, Twitch could be a fantastic platform to show what games people actually want to watch, as opposed to playing.

Upcoming Games

There are many games in the pipeline right now. That being said, Hollywood has to make sure that they tap into the story behind the game, as opposed to just making an action-packed adaptation. Creators need to look into why the games are popular so that they can emulate the passion that fans love about the game. Of course, video game adaptations have done very badly at the cinema in the last few years but it could be that all of this is about to change.

After all, as mentioned above, Twitch is providing filmmakers with the platform they need to learn what fans want to watch and why. It is also making it possible for them to do research on both games and video streaming, which should help them to find the best games out there to create, paving the way for better decisions in the future.

Of course, nobody knows what the future holds but right now it looks like Hollywood has a lot to learn about video game adaptations. That being said, right now could be a crucial turning point for the movie industry, as more and more platforms are making it possible for creators to know what fans are actually looking for. This could make way for some very interesting releases in the future.