Best football game apps

If you are mad about football, you would absolutely love these apps.

  1. PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer or PES is the most-sought after football game app right now. Aside from the great game graphics, it is greatly appreciated because of the regular updates Konami releases. And you don’t just play the game on your phone but you can choose to play your favorite football player and select your dream team then play online with friends or with the world. The basic app is free in iOS and Android but in-app purchases are also available.

  1. Dream League Soccer

First Touch Games has a winner of a game with Dream League Soccer. As the name suggests, you can create your own dream team that will play different leagues in the game. You start with choosing your own team then fight your way through the various levels or leagues. Additional leagues are unlocked when you succeed in bagging the championship. This can be a single player or multiplayer game, played offline and online. Available on Android and iOS, this freemium game is always updated which doubles the fun and excitement.


  1. FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer is the official football game app by the FIFA World Cup. Developed by Electronic Arts, it is undoubtedly the gold standard in football game apps. Create a winning team led by Cristiano Ronaldo, train them, and play different teams and games offline and online, play alone or take on different players from around the globe. It will test your managing skills as you put together teams with player combinations to win that game. With different game plays and modes to choose from, you will never get bored playing football. Plus, the app offers up-to-date news about what is happening in real world football.


  1. Football Manager Mobile

Available on Android and iOS, it is the only paid app in the bunch, costing USD 11.65. Your love of the game is tested in this sim from SEGA, with your knowledge of player stats, scouting abilities, and building a championship team based on your financial resources. This also includes hiring the right staff, which may require in-app purchases.

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