Popular Apps Lawyers can’t do without

There are apps for just about anyone particularly suited to their profession or line or work and lawyers are no exception. They too also need apps in this day and age to aid them in their very hectic line of work. The following are the most popular apps among lawyers that they cannot do without.


This app is specifically made for note-taking, organizing task lists and archiving it. This is a very handy app for lawyers who have a very heavy workload. Their workload is so great that they might forget other things to do or get confused. It helps keep them on track all the time. Furthermore, they can store in on the cloud and share it. They can tag a location on their notes, add notes to a file attachment, bookmark selected web pages relevant to the case they are working on, and even provide a voice memo. Like the elephant that is the logo of the app, Evernote sees to it a lawyer will not forget the tasks lined up.


This mobile app is made by DevHD for iOS and Android. It is basically a news reading app. It allows users to browse various media – newspapers, magazines, blogs and other material that is relevant to them. For lawyers, this allows them to stay abreast of any information that may be relevant to a case they are handling. The app allows you to organize your materials to avoid the tendency to browse haphazardly. Feedly also allows integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to allow the user to share material with others who may be interested.


This app replaces the Dictaphone in the office. As the name suggests, this app allows you to record your notes verbally and to be shared to the transcriptionist or anyone who needs to listen to your notes. The app is user-friendly with instant dictation controls easy to master. You can rewind and overwrite (editing) a recording just like you are using an old tape recorder. Files can be saved in .WAV and .MP4 format and can be shared. This is only available to Android devices.


Available in both iOS and Android, Fastcase is a free legal research application. It pretty much puts the law library at your fingertips. They contain mainly American legal cases and statutes which may also be used as a reference to any legal case outside the US.

Cases are easy to search using the Boolean system (type in the keyword). You may also use natural language and citation search. When search results are generated, it will show the most relevant results first which makes the task easier for researchers. The app allows you to save a favorite document for future reference and it is updated daily.

Because of its reliability, it has been awarded the American Association of Law Libraries New Product of the Year and 2011 Legal Productivity App of the Year.


As the name suggests, it combines camera and scanner. This app is designed to scan documents and as such is very handy for lawyers so they can practically carry their documents on their smartphone or tablet than in a briefcase. All the user has to do is use the phone camera to scan and digitize any document they want. The quality of the image is guaranteed to be sharp as if the documents were scanned using a flatbed scanner since many are concerned about the quality of images taken with a smartphone camera. The app also allows for cropping and some editing. There is also an OCR (optical character recognition) feature that allows the app to identify texts in scanned documents and extract them from these images. Files can be saved either in JPEG or PDF and shared.  Furthermore, CamScanner also has Advanced Document Editing where lawyers can make annotations and watermarks to ensure no one will plagiarize your documents.


This may be considered a lawyer’s digital research assistant. This app helps generate legal documents. It goes through various legal websites to search and analyze information relevant to the document. Through this app, users can create custom folders, add description and notes to documents, keywords for tagging, and Docubot can be integrated into any website through WordPress plugin.

So no matter what app is used, lawyers have a plethora of apps at their disposal to aid in making their work easy. This is usually in information management where they need to keep everything organized and in order and apps that allow them to do research and generate documents they need when they do not have time to have them printed in the office and when they are on the go.