Popular Apps Lawyers can’t do without

For busy lawyers who are always on the go, it is quite important to have tools to support them in their work tasks. Here are app must-haves for every lawyer.

  1. Evernote

Free on iOS and Android, Evernote allows lawyers to write down different kinds of notes, like a simple text note, notes on text, a voice memo, or a handwritten note. The great thing about it is that lawyers can create a note on their PC, store it in the cloud, and view it on their smartphone, or vice versa. Lawyers can also tag a location per note or file, add notes on a file attachment, bookmark a web page, and share files on the cloud with others. If more storage or more features are required, paid subscriptions are also available.


  1. Feedly

Lawyers are no stranger to a lot of documents. In order to stay updated, they need to read on a daily basis. Sifting through various news feeds, publications, channels, and blogs can be time-consuming, not to mention managing and organizing all these. This is when Feedly really comes in handy. They can choose the sources and topics of articles and publications they want and need to read and Feedly filters everything based on their preferences. They can also save articles for reading later, or share them online. Feedly also encourages collaboration as resources can be shared with other platforms, and comments and notes to be written and shared.


  1. Dictate+Connect

When lawyers are on-the-go and they need to take down notes on the fly, Dictate+Connect plays a big role. Functioning as a dictaphone, lawyers can record notes any time. Files can be played back or played forward with ease, including editing the recording (overwriting or inserting sections). And if you want to have it transcribed, the file can easily be sent. It can be sent via email or downloaded or shared in the cloud.


  1. Fastcase

It is quite important for lawyers to stay updated with regard to new laws, resolutions, case law, court rules, and so on. Fastcase is a lawyer’s ever-reliable virtual library which brings everything at his fingertips. Plus, if connected to Clio, it tracks the time spent on the platform, which comes in handy for computing billing cost.

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