Most stylish and visually beautiful TV Shows of 2019

Television shows have come a long way in terms of production value. The quality of TV shows is already at par with movie productions with the budget required for the former almost as big as the latter. And with big budgets, they are able to produce stylish and visually appealing shows in 2019.


This American anthology series uses live action and animation. Premiered to watch on Netflix in March 2019, the episodes are stand-alone and each one tackles at least one of the main themes, which are love, death, and robots, per episode. With a different cast and crew per episode, audiences are thrilled to see visually stunning effects and points of view in telling the story. It is one of those shows that you should watch in 4K or HDR. Tim Miller, Jennifer Miller, Joshua Donen, and Oscar-nominee David Fincher serve as the executive producers of the series. The second season is already secured, with the contract signing done in June 2019. 


The Umbrella Academy

Developers Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater took to a comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics for its next creation. The Umbrella Academy debuted its pilot episode in February 2019. The series is about six adopted siblings who each have unique superpowers. Watch each episode on 4K to fully appreciate the special effects of the show. Neville Kidd and Craig Wrobleski serve as the show’s cinematographers, who give audiences backdrops and angles that lure you in each scene. The second season was confirmed in April 2019. This is also a Netflix show


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The show that premiered in 2017 is about to release its 3rd season in 2019. The period comedy-drama is the brainchild of Amy Sherman-Palladino. M. David Mullen and Eric Moynier team up to give the cinematography a boost. Showing a period drama or comedy is quite challenging; everything has to be historically accurate. And the show has proven to be “on point.” Audiences can enjoy the fashion of the 1950s and the culture back in the day on 4K or HDR at Amazon Prime. The show stars Rachel Brosnahan as Midge Maisel, a separated New York housewife who found her life doing stand-up comedy in comedy clubs in the city.


Chef’s Table

Netflix first came out with Chef’s Table in 2015. Now on its 6th season, it still has not failed to impress viewers with shots of glorious food in each episode. With 4K quality, audiences can almost taste and smell each dish prepared on the show. Created by David Gelb, the show features on world-renowned chef at a time, sharing their culinary journey with the world. It was nominated for an Emmy from 2017 to 2018 for Outstanding Cinematography for a nonfiction program, as well as Outstanding Documentary series in 2016 and 2017. This is not surprising considering that the directors, editors, and cinematographers take you from one city to the next, or one nation to the next to help audiences see and appreciate the background of the chef in focus each episode.